Ground Staff Training



  • Starts 1 Feb, 2017
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Class Duration 125 Hours
  • Institution Glamstr Academy
  • Seats Available 20 Student
  • Level All levels
Course Price: ₹ 75,000/-*


Ground Staff Job requires grooming and promoting from within. Typically, graduates start off in the junior management ranks, and with exposure, training and stellar performance, there are opportunities to eventually rise to senior management positions such as vice-presidents and above.

What You Will Learn

The candidate has to cater to the requirements and all challenges in the exciting world of an airport environment. Airports are being upgraded (some by being privatized) and there is a major trust in the aviation sector from the central and state governments. With the extremely lucrative nature of these jobs, the prospects for a career in the aviation industry are extremely bright.

The job of the ground staff is to assist the passengers in various ways for example with lost luggage, general enquiries and helping disabled customers. Being an Airline Ground Attendant means working long sometimes unsociable hours and can involve a lot of standing. Training & Qualifications Ground Hostess need to be at least 18 years old and able to read write and speak English proficiently.

You should be :-

  • An aspirant who has completed Graduation
  • Fluent in English and Hindi.
  • Between 18 to 30 years
  • Female with 155 cm / Male 160 cm in height
  • Having weight proportionate to the height

Some Ground Hostess may be required to work selling tickets so a foreign language is helpful.To be an airline ground attendant you should be well organised, patient, have good customer care skills and have a pleasant and friendly personality.

Major Job Responsibilities

Ground staff also work in the airport terminal itself. Some ground staff are responsible for inspecting, storing and transporting luggage, while others stock the aircraft with food and beverage items that are distributed during flight. Some ground staff members work directly with customers to answer questions and provide information regarding flight times, delays and any general queries the customer has before boarding. Ground staff work with the aircraft, crew and customers to ensure each flight is safe and enjoyable.


As part of their ramp service duties, airport ground staff marshal aircraft into and out of parking positions, ensuring safety in so doing. They also perform lavatory drainage, water tank refills, and luggage and air-cargo handling. They are responsible for putting passenger stairs in place, and if there are passengers on wheelchairs, they perform the necessary wheelchair lifts. The staff perform aircraft refueling, and if there is need, they remove ice, snow or frost from the aircraft's surface.


Devina Rajwade

Ground Staff Training

Ms. Devina Rajwade has a vast experience in the field of personality development, corporate trainings and effective communications skills. She had trained thousands of candidates from Airlines, Hotel and Corporate Industries.